a better understanding of electronic fundamentals

a usb and solar battery charging circuit

a solar powered dark sensitive led lights

an amp for small stereo speaker output with headphones override

a few different radio receivers (sound to come out of amp above)
am ?
sw ?
hf 3-30mhz
multiband, all in one kinda deal ?

diy oscilloscope?

arduino? get to know programmable circuits?

end goals - long time from now
go to electronics/engineering? schools
develop radio skills for data transmission
build sensors (magnometers, spectrometers, etc)
build cubesats.

already built!
works enough to play around with, can sometimes get crystal clear reception, mostly cackles in and out with a lot of screeching. hitting the coil fix/breaks and reception problems. maybe try with a small antenna to fix?

projects, lessons and information

technical info on running a diy broadcast station - written by pirates

simple shortwave transmitter and general good radio blog
homepage of same guy

tetsuo kogawa radio art - mini fm and uhf tv transmitters in not-too-technical lingo, pro radio anarchy
radio art manifesto

.:. hacking tube tvs, transmitters, diy oscilliscope?

.:. low tech fm reciever circuits and theory

like this one a lot, old school transistor radio project using wood and screws

general coverage transceiver

7mhz transmitter using dremel cut copper boards

broadcast documentation and pirate message board

free radio tech manuals and basics

indian radio ham provides lots of tech basics for beginners

austrailian radio ham electronics basics and projects

radio pirate radio theory and theories

27mhz transmitter/reciver using 555 timers

27MHZ links

digital rf circuits
- you need an AM transmitter that plugs into your headphone port on your phone. Then you play an mp3 and it will broadcast over the transmitter. If you want to transmit morse code, that might be a little different, as you need to turn the carrier on and off.

antenna tuner

library of electronics and radio information

circuit library

electronics forum


.:. making a windbelt

.:. making a glass bead microscope, seems pretty legit. can see individual cells

turn room into camera obscura

lesson  on magnetism and physics

mms mission education

library of nasa lessons

earth's magnetosphere information

radio astronomy introductionand information

radio jove

wikiversity astronomy course

slide show about radio astronomy interferometry

beginner radio telescope with schematics and diagrams

amateur radio astronomy

space weather prediction center
good descriptions of space weather phenomena

the land

using pigs to create natural pond liner

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